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The Collect Button” to collect Art NFT.

I created pages where you can collect my work with The Collect Button. There are paid and free versions of NFTs. The paid version HD is a large image size that shows clearly on an HD display. The free version SD is smartphone size. Also, each NFT comes with “Exclusive Content” for the owner only. Enjoy them.

The Art NFT created on this page is paid. Each NFT is a limited edition of 20.

CP-HD Season 0

  • 001 summering 1080px_png
  • 002 through the high level bridge 1080px_png
  • 003 mourning 1080px_png
  • 004 good weather for a walk 1080px_png
  • 005 no flag to catch the waves 1080px_png
  • 006 under the arch 1080px_png
  • 007 through the autumn branches 1080px_png
  • 008 traffic light anyway 1080px_gif
  • 009 on the bridge 1080px_png
  • 010 under the bridge 1080px_png
  • 011 feint left 1080px_png
  • 012 feint right 1080px_png

CP-HD Season 1

  • 013 maximum 30 1080px_png
  • 014 let's get into phygital 720px_jpg
  • 015 hey bro, that's they call progress! 1080px_png
  • 016 river runs through…1080px_png
  • 017 winter pastel sunset 1080px_png
  • 018 feeling on a tightrope 1080px_png
  • 019 did you tag 1080px_png
  • 020 big steam day 1080px_png
  • 021 overworked construction lamp 1080px_png
  • 022 above the pier 1080px_png
  • 023 below the pier 1080px_png
  • 024 ride on the glaze 1080px_png
  • 025 courage to step down 1080px_png

CP-HD Season 2

  • 026 a thaw 1080px_png
  • 027 nap on the lawn on such a day_png
  • 028 capture the flag 1080px_png
  • 029 four strong winds begin 1080px_png
  • 030 on a day like this, a little old story... 1080px_png
  • 031 fresh green vigour 1080px_png
  • 032 maximum 30 smoky ver.1080px_png
  • 033 smoky on the water 1080px_png
  • 034 a merger to go nowhere 1080px_png
  • 035 switch for summer too early 1080px_png
  • 036 can't get through from left 1080px_png
  • 037 can't get through from right 1080px_png
  • 038 encounter through an umbrella 1080px_png
  • 039 bump into... 1080px_png

CP-HD Season 3

  • 040 a blue summer day1080px_png
  • 041 feeling something forbidden1080px_png
  • 042 the choice to fly 1080px_png
  • 043 go big, man 1080px_png
  • 044 history of living things-eat 1080px_png
  • 045 history of living things-move 1080px_png
  • 046 history of living things-rest 1080px_png
  • 047 heavy summer 1080px_png
  • 048 physics fieldwork pretended 1080px_png
  • 049 summer tune in flux 1080px_png
  • 050 autumn switch competition 1080px_png
  • 051 fruiting season 1080px_png
  • 052 a red approaching along! 1080px_png
  • 053 wanna be red 1080px_png

[About the images]

What I want to express is not another world created by games or videos, nor a perfect image created by AI. It’s a land/ mindscape that changes on a daily basis, with things we see around the corner. Also, they are sometimes mixed with things that are not as we want them to be. So, I have never gotten bored taking pictures regularly for years in my everyday life.

I would be happy if you could think such an artist is working somewhere in this world. You may also enjoy pondering what is similar or different from your everyday experiences and sensations.

With these images for NFT, I hope to create art like small gems of everyday life with collectors.

Join together.