Art NFT Collectibles SD – toshiakiart Cent Post

The Collect Button” to collect Art NFT.

I created pages where you can collect my work with The Collect Button. There are paid and free versions of NFTs. The paid version is a large image size that shows clearly on an HD display. The free version is smartphone size. Also, each NFT comes with “Exclusive Content” for the owner only. Enjoy them.

What I want to express is not another world created by games or videos, nor a perfect image created by AI. It’s a land/ mindscape that changes on a daily basis, with things we see around the corner. Also, they are sometimes mixed with things that are not as we want them to be. So, I have never gotten bored taking pictures regularly for years in my everyday life.

I would be happy if you could think such an artist is working somewhere in this world. You may also enjoy pondering what is similar or different from your everyday experiences and sensations.

With these images for NFT, I hope to create art like small gems of everyday life with collectors.

Join together.

Artist Website: toshiakiart Cent

The Art NFT created on this page is free. Also, enter the paid NFT page from this link.

“Art NFT Collectibles HD – Cent Post”

Cent Help Center: “How do I collect an NFT on Cent Pages?”

Season 2

The SD series on this page will only be displayed for one season.
The previous seasons’ SD series can be found in the Art NFT Collectibles SD Archive.